Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Patch Notes - WHAT!?!

As if the freekin dungeons weren't easy enough .. Nexus, anomolous will only creat one rift .. down from 3 .. WHY?  in UP it only takes 3 harpoons instead of 5 .. WHY?  In Old Kingsdom Nadox and the flying chick both get nerfed down to one Add phase!!  WHY?!?! New Boss in VOA .. cool.. Violet Hold time between boss and new portal has been decreased .. also very cool.. .. HoS Brann now walks faster .. AWESOME .. stupid dwarves.. ICC - Lich King can be downed .. not that I will ever get into a group to see it done but he is now available.   Tried doing first wing of ICC in a 10 man pug with kelsela tank healing.. frantic .. holy crap .. we wiped 5 times before we downed him .. Twice I died of stupid .. once from trying to heal tank while in the blue flame (ehh a penance and a flash heal before I move shouldn't be a problem.. FAIL)  and once because I wasn't used to how this pug leader ran it.   Other pugs I have always stood on the far circle and avoided the flames and healed from a distance... on this run he had us all run back to the hit box after the whirlwinds.. well once I ran a bit to far and got nailed by the cleave .. oh well .. then we wiped 6 times on the chick after, and I think that was just because no one really had a solid grasp on how to down the adds.. but whatever .. it was a late night .. much later then I normally like .. 330am and then waking up at 630 does not make me a very happy camper for most of the day ..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Heroic (really?) moments..

So, I am working on a rather long disc priest guide for the new and aspiring 80 based on the way I roll.. but because its long here is a status on my works in the realms.. I have been trying to do a dungeon on each of the toons I am playing so basically 3 lfd's a day,   Healing on Kels trying to get frost emblems,  Tanking on Calrisian, and DPS/Heals on Naurix

Kelsela - 80 Disc, I got hit with Heroic UK.. at this point .. totally not heroic .. but I do enjoy this instance because I can easy mode heal and try to outdps the tank.   I did easy mode heal but did not outdps the tank as he was appropriately geared for the instance so actually took damage, and we had a sick fury warrior with that quel sword stealing threat left and right so I had to heal him too .. but I did manage to hit about 1kdps and did about 10% of the damage done through the instance.. so it was fun.  Gold Making.. bought about 15 stacks of saronite at about 29 gold, after transmuting got 39 titanium bars which I am trying to sell at 19per if they all sell I spent about 450 on bars will make about 750 - whatever the AH cut is, for a total of about 7 minutes of my time.  Since Cal is approaching 80 I am reluctant to keep sellin off my gem transmutes as I know pretty shortly I am going to have a need for gems to be cut so I need to make cash somehow, and titanium and the spellweave transmutes have been my income.

Calrisian - 74 Pally - I have become very disenchanted with questing so I have pretty much been doing the dungeon and logging out, at this rate I probably have another week till I hit 75 ..I would like to start running heroics so I really need to get my butt in gear with this toon.. anyhow I tanked AN .. again .. in the past 5 days I have gotten AN 3 times and DTK twice.. good news is  they are becoming second nature and I am blowing through em no problem.. Skirmishers at the beginning are the only annoyance as they don't like the threat meters as much as I do.

Naurix - 19 Shammy - Wailing Caverns sucks .. its long and maybe because it is a horde dungeon and I haven't run it .. like ever .. but I just find it very annoying, sleep from the druids drives me nuts it lasts too long and I am a fail shaman and forget to get my tremor totem down before every battle..  so we failed multiple times .. and it was everyones fault in different ways.. I don't think anyone knows how to run wc .. whatever.. we failed .. dropped group and I queued again healer popped for shadowfang keep..   relatively easy run,  we wiped once because I was chain silenced on those ghost guys and the tank went down, but I was soulstoned so I was able to run far enough away to be able to pop ss and res everyone to make it a quick recovery ..  I dunno about shammys so far.. I might just suck and haven't picked up the strats but as a healer .. right now its one heal (at a 2second cast) plus my drenai hot plus bandaging plus stone statue (for me) not a good bag for healing a group at this point.. priest and druid seem to definitely have  the edge at low level healing.   And as dps .. I just suck, I have been at bottom of chart constantly, I need to upgrade my weapon and really focus on getting out the right totems for every battle ..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Faction Chumps

Or maybe not so much, because the continue to own whatever 10 man group I participate in.  We started a 10 man about 12:30am eastern, with what it looks like 5 people from a guild and 5 puggers.  The MT knew the fights and had done this a number of times, and the OT was new and had not been here before, a couple of the dps were also unfamiliar with the instance but everyone was geared appropriately. We ran three heals me and another disc priest from that guild and a tree.  We wiped immediately  with the new OT claiming no heals :).. Right there and then I was worried figuring I might be in for a long night and contemplated bailing right there.  But I didn't next time up we downed him no problem.. Awesome things were looking up again.. then the worms .. wiped three times, once OT just couldn't grasp keeping the dude from facing the raid, once the dpsers ALL just enjoyed standing in the green shit .. once, the burning biles and the paralytic just could seem to find each other.  On fourth attempt we downed them despite the main tank getting paralytic and not finding the OT who had bile.. I just healed him through it (something I didn't know was possible) and we went on to down icehowl first try.  SWEET. got some badges gear wasn't for me.  Lord Jarraxus one shot despite my inability to dispel in proper time but the other disc was handling that job fairly well.

Then .. Faction Champs .. Wipe fest .. easily 6 times before we called it.  It must be my fault .. I have not been in a 10 man that has been able to get even one hoard down much less get em all.  I have run 25 man numerous times and we never failed once.  I dunno but 10 man FC just seems impossible, they had fury warrior, tree, lock, shaman, and pally, which shouldn't have been the hardest composition,  We tried downing tree first, couldn't control shammy, tried downing shammy, even with me dispelling the hots every 5 seconds couldn't down him, I tried focusing on dispels and healing second, I tried focusing on heals and just doing mass dispel, I tried dpsing .. I dunno .. just havent been able to figure out how to do it.. bah .. one of the few times I don't enjoy the challenge and wish it was nerfed :-)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am E-Sexist .. Does that make me a bad person?

My main is a chick.  Shes a priest and I enjoy playing her.  I get made fun of by my RL friends who think its weird I would play a female character.  But I dunno, I wanted to play a priest, and making a dude priest just didn't seem natural too me.  I am not an e-perv, all my toons are not women running around in dalaran with a pirate outfit trying to look sexy.  But I think I am guilty of stereotyping my character gender selection.   If I play a priest/shaman/mage they will most likely be chicks.  This may be based on my choice of fantasy literature and favorite female characters in those books,  Polgara, Cryssania, Hermione Granger (:-P) and at the same time if I play a warrior/hunter/paladin/deathknight/warlock/rogue, they tend to be dude toons again probably due to my fav chars from similar books, Artemis Entreri/the guy from the other eddings series/Drizzt..   Thats not to say there haven't been good characters breaking the mold .. but I was never a fan of Tika, and I always felt gandalf was more a warlock then a mage.  So .. Does that make me a bad person that I play chicks half the time I am playing WOW?  I don't flirt with guy toons or even RP as a chick as I am just in the game to run my heroics, get my badges and get better gear .. thats why I play.  That being said .. Blizzard (and other game makers) do make damn hot character models.. :-P

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Undergeared Tank in UP??? --pssshh whatever

Kelsela - I have read alot of blogs of people bitching about about undergeared tanks in the new lfd .. as healz .. I think its awesome. Brings some excitement to the boring heroic. I'm not uber .. I am in mostly 232-245 gear with a 200 hanging around and an ony helm .. but I pride myself (and thank vuhdo) at being a pretty ok healer.  That being said, when I queued up, got UP and a DK tank and I saw he had about 26k hps (after buffs) I approached the instance with some slight trepidation.  After the first couple of pulls it didn't make me feel better.. he was pulling just over 1k dps, and 2 of the 3 dps were pushing 4k and vuh do showing little red arrows of oh shit were poppin up everywhere. Including on me with my frantic full party healing.. This 5 man actually had the feeling of a good tight raid.. We made it through .. with only 1 dps casualty which was a 2 shot I couldn't do much about.  And I'd be lying if I didn't say I didn't enjoy praise .. but at the end of the run the dk tank obviously knowing he wasn't quite ready for UP said "holy crap I made it through without dying .. thats a first" even if it wasn't directly pointed at me and my epic heals, I got a little misty .. :-) so 2 more frosts down 13 to go for my cloak .. woot .. 

Did my gem transmute got only one .. how sad .. noticed titanium was selling for a nice profit over saronite so picked up the cheapest 4 stacks of saronite I could find transmuted and got 17 instead of 10  sweet  should be an easy 100 gold profit. I keep forgetting to go transmute spellweave because its such a hassle to fly to dragonblight, at least when the lfd wasn't around flying to the instance always let me stop on the way, so I haven't done my cloth transmutes in like 2 weeks.

Calrisian - ran the random got nexus again, smoother then my first time tanking which is always nice.  No fun stories, no upgrades.  but I got to DE a couple of thigns and get my enchanting to 360, and I am spending way to much of my mains limited cash stack to level BS to 360 as well ..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Its A good day to die part 2

So just because I posted once about my asshattery in instances and falling off bridges that just don't need to be fallen off of....   On saturday night I was running my random to get me the frosts on Kelsela.. and we got HoR.. I am not sure how other healers feel .. but this instance sucks as disc.. it almost feels like trying to one heal faction champs for some reason .. everyone is getting threat and everyone is taking damage.. and my borrowed time PoH still take 2 freekin seconds to get off.. Surprisingly .. only 1 wipe on the ghosts.. and I was battle rezzed after being one shot by 3 mobs .. (or is that three shot) whatever .. I did get the Ephemeral Snowflake .. which rocks .. I haven't run an instance since where I even needed my fiend .. crazy .. but thats not the point of my post ..   apparently once the lich king is chasing you .. there is an alternate way of winning that involves standing by the crates and wall thing right after you leave the room ..   I was busy going down the path when the pug says back here.. I turn around .. ask about this new method of doing things and proceed to bee line it to where the tank was standing ..  then I was falling .. apparently if you don't look at the ground you  don't notice there is a cut out of the floor right there and you can fall down it .. awesome .. Score 2 for making kels look like a dumb ass healer .. woot!

Sniff Sniff .. Baby Pally is growing up before my eyes.. Sniff Sniff

So my main has been disc and I have been playing her for a little over a year now, and I needed to try something different, a buddy of mine started a druid  through refer a friend,  and I had my pally up around level 30 so we started questing together and blowing through original content.. started doing the random dungeons around 45 and I have to say .. awesome .. I love the feature .. on my main I never did any of the vanilla instances but for stocks and deadmines..  Now I have done Dire Maul, Gnomeregan, Strat, Scholo, Mana Tombs, Auch .. all stuff I would have skipped without the lfd.. It made leveling fantastic..

Going through the outlands .. tanking with pally was ridiculously easy for some reason, even though I didn't know any of the instances outside of hellfire, tanking was a breeze.. I didn't have uber gear, just whatever gear I had been getting through the dungeon finder and the couple of heirlooms to get the exp bonus...

Now once I hit Wrath .. different story .. the gear is just so much bigger.. that I was having problems in UK at 68..  I think I should have just quested till 70 and got some of the quest rewards first to boost my defense because I was just going down very fast,  I have had killer pugs though and usually the healer for whatever reason was 72  or so and usually awesome and kept me going for the couple of runs through that I did.. but it was hectic.. Now I am 71 just got Divine Plea so working with changing my seal from wis to vengeance for the threat and damage boost, with plea being the awesome mana rejuv that it is, and I seem to be back to being able to handle UK and now Nexus without too much of a hiccup.   However for the life of me .. I screw up the pull before the prince in UK every single time.. and the mage chick with mirror image in nexus gives me fits ..