Thursday, January 14, 2010

Undergeared Tank in UP??? --pssshh whatever

Kelsela - I have read alot of blogs of people bitching about about undergeared tanks in the new lfd .. as healz .. I think its awesome. Brings some excitement to the boring heroic. I'm not uber .. I am in mostly 232-245 gear with a 200 hanging around and an ony helm .. but I pride myself (and thank vuhdo) at being a pretty ok healer.  That being said, when I queued up, got UP and a DK tank and I saw he had about 26k hps (after buffs) I approached the instance with some slight trepidation.  After the first couple of pulls it didn't make me feel better.. he was pulling just over 1k dps, and 2 of the 3 dps were pushing 4k and vuh do showing little red arrows of oh shit were poppin up everywhere. Including on me with my frantic full party healing.. This 5 man actually had the feeling of a good tight raid.. We made it through .. with only 1 dps casualty which was a 2 shot I couldn't do much about.  And I'd be lying if I didn't say I didn't enjoy praise .. but at the end of the run the dk tank obviously knowing he wasn't quite ready for UP said "holy crap I made it through without dying .. thats a first" even if it wasn't directly pointed at me and my epic heals, I got a little misty .. :-) so 2 more frosts down 13 to go for my cloak .. woot .. 

Did my gem transmute got only one .. how sad .. noticed titanium was selling for a nice profit over saronite so picked up the cheapest 4 stacks of saronite I could find transmuted and got 17 instead of 10  sweet  should be an easy 100 gold profit. I keep forgetting to go transmute spellweave because its such a hassle to fly to dragonblight, at least when the lfd wasn't around flying to the instance always let me stop on the way, so I haven't done my cloth transmutes in like 2 weeks.

Calrisian - ran the random got nexus again, smoother then my first time tanking which is always nice.  No fun stories, no upgrades.  but I got to DE a couple of thigns and get my enchanting to 360, and I am spending way to much of my mains limited cash stack to level BS to 360 as well ..

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  1. When I see a tank with under 30k hp in a random, my heart skips a beat. It means I have to actually pay attention in a 5 man, and if all is right with the world, it means the tank is new to it and needs some good support to be able to grow their own confidence in themselves. I had a tank with 23k hp unbuffed, forget what we were running. Anyways, DPS quit out on us cause the tank wasn't geared. He got all depressed saying "This happens all the fricken time!" I told him to just hold aggro on stuff and we'd be fine. Finally got DPS to stick around and wham bam thank you ma'am we got the instance done with no problem. It was definitely a confidence booster to him, and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Long story short. I love low health tanks in 5 mans.