Thursday, January 21, 2010

Faction Chumps

Or maybe not so much, because the continue to own whatever 10 man group I participate in.  We started a 10 man about 12:30am eastern, with what it looks like 5 people from a guild and 5 puggers.  The MT knew the fights and had done this a number of times, and the OT was new and had not been here before, a couple of the dps were also unfamiliar with the instance but everyone was geared appropriately. We ran three heals me and another disc priest from that guild and a tree.  We wiped immediately  with the new OT claiming no heals :).. Right there and then I was worried figuring I might be in for a long night and contemplated bailing right there.  But I didn't next time up we downed him no problem.. Awesome things were looking up again.. then the worms .. wiped three times, once OT just couldn't grasp keeping the dude from facing the raid, once the dpsers ALL just enjoyed standing in the green shit .. once, the burning biles and the paralytic just could seem to find each other.  On fourth attempt we downed them despite the main tank getting paralytic and not finding the OT who had bile.. I just healed him through it (something I didn't know was possible) and we went on to down icehowl first try.  SWEET. got some badges gear wasn't for me.  Lord Jarraxus one shot despite my inability to dispel in proper time but the other disc was handling that job fairly well.

Then .. Faction Champs .. Wipe fest .. easily 6 times before we called it.  It must be my fault .. I have not been in a 10 man that has been able to get even one hoard down much less get em all.  I have run 25 man numerous times and we never failed once.  I dunno but 10 man FC just seems impossible, they had fury warrior, tree, lock, shaman, and pally, which shouldn't have been the hardest composition,  We tried downing tree first, couldn't control shammy, tried downing shammy, even with me dispelling the hots every 5 seconds couldn't down him, I tried focusing on dispels and healing second, I tried focusing on heals and just doing mass dispel, I tried dpsing .. I dunno .. just havent been able to figure out how to do it.. bah .. one of the few times I don't enjoy the challenge and wish it was nerfed :-)


  1. You really just have to lock one of the healers down somehow (druids are cool here, or rogues, or whatever) and then burn through the other healer. After one is down, it's pretty simple. Make sure everyone gets dispelled quickly and has lots of hots on them through the first healer being burned, otherwise things get out of control. Everyone should use their silencing type spells whenever the healing you're burning through is able to cast...make a rotation if you have to (DK strangulate, hunter silence, etc). It's tough, but it's so fun! And you may just not have the raid composition to do it, sometimes. And that sucks.

  2. Must just be having bad luck with pugs then .. I haven't played a class that can "lock someone down" so I don't know the intricacies. And it shouldn't be THAT hard but whatever . theres always next week to try again :)