Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Its A good day to die part 2

So just because I posted once about my asshattery in instances and falling off bridges that just don't need to be fallen off of....   On saturday night I was running my random to get me the frosts on Kelsela.. and we got HoR.. I am not sure how other healers feel .. but this instance sucks as disc.. it almost feels like trying to one heal faction champs for some reason .. everyone is getting threat and everyone is taking damage.. and my borrowed time PoH still take 2 freekin seconds to get off.. Surprisingly .. only 1 wipe on the ghosts.. and I was battle rezzed after being one shot by 3 mobs .. (or is that three shot) whatever .. I did get the Ephemeral Snowflake .. which rocks .. I haven't run an instance since where I even needed my fiend .. crazy .. but thats not the point of my post ..   apparently once the lich king is chasing you .. there is an alternate way of winning that involves standing by the crates and wall thing right after you leave the room ..   I was busy going down the path when the pug says back here.. I turn around .. ask about this new method of doing things and proceed to bee line it to where the tank was standing ..  then I was falling .. apparently if you don't look at the ground you  don't notice there is a cut out of the floor right there and you can fall down it .. awesome .. Score 2 for making kels look like a dumb ass healer .. woot!

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